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Baseball Big 3

Class Schedule

3 Week Program

February: 2/5,2/12,2/26

Every Thursday from 5-6:30pm (OFF Feb Vacation week)

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Click to sign up

Cover ALL your baseball needs with the Baseball Big 3 training program.

Baseball Big 3 is a Three (3) week class that starts on Feb 7th  and ends Feb 28th. Classes will meet on Thursdays nights each week from 5:00-6:30pm. We will skip Feb 21st due to school vacation.

Over the Three weeks, players will spend equal time each day developing the three most important skills involved in the game: Hitting, Fielding, and Throwing/Pitching. Within each class, players will develop their ability to showcase each of those attributes through specific drill progressions each class.

This program is intended for players in Little League (8-12).

The cost for the 3 week Baseball Big 3 program is $130.00

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