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Edge Academy Blueprint To College

Blueprint To College
Baseball & Softball Recruiting Service

Once you enter High School, your recruiting time clock has started! It is not enough to rely on your high School or legion program to get you to the college of your dreams. The whole recruiting process is far too complicated to take that chance. You will need to put in a lot of work on your own. But what are you supposed to do? How do you market yourself to target schools? What schools should you be targeting? All are very important questions, and without any guidance, you could be making big mistakes and not even know it. Worry not, The Edge Academy is now offering Blueprint To College, a recruiting service program to guide you to that next level.

The staff at The Edge has a vast knowledge of what colleges look for from a prospective student-athlete. The Blueprint To College program takes into account EVERY aspect of selecting a school, INCLUDING GRADES. Our Staff also knows the athletic recruiting process, and we evaluate players with the same criteria as college coaches all over the country.

Our Blueprint To College program has multiple options for each player to take advantage of at your choice. The entire program is designed to help ease the process of selecting the right school. Aside from the video, written analysis, and online player profile included in each the Blueprint package; The Edge also host College Coaches events throughout the year. The College Coaches clinics are to help expose players to new and different colleges/universities all over New England. The program also options several add-ons to enhance each package. This allows any player to customize and maximize their Blueprint To College experience.

Password may be required

Password may be required

Blueprint To College Package Includes:

1) Pro-Edited Evaluation Video
2) Written Evaluation
3) Online Player Profile

Cost: $400

 The Edge Academy firmly believes that there is an opportunity for EVERY kid to play college athletics. Through the use of our Blueprint To College, it is the goal of our staff to make sure NO player goes unseen. Every recruiting experience is different, don’t take the chance of waiting for it to happen to you. Be proactive in getting noticed!

The Edge Academy and it’s staff does not guarantee college placement. We work our best to create avenues for players to take advantage of in-order to select THEIR perfect school. A perfect school fit, in our minds, is one that meets the individuals needs in ACADEMICS, demographics, social, geographical location and athletics. Not every player is a division 1 candidate. Our evaluations are based on a matrix standards used by college recruiters today, including GPA, SATs and/or ACTs!