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Game Speed

  • Jan
  • 30
Game Speed
  • 7:30pm EST - 9:00pm EST January 30th, 2019
  • Game Speed is designed to put high school players in an environment which is as close to an actual game as possible. This event allows players to take their training to a whole new level! Take all of the hard work, make some adjustments, get professional feedback, and apply it in a game like environment. It will run 6 weeks to prepare players for the upcoming season. Pitchers will increase pitch counts, catchers will increase innings, and hitters will also increase their live at bats as the program gets further along. Players will get immediate feedback every week! They will also have the freedom to try implementing tweaks and adjustments to their game without the repercussions of hurting their team! This is a great opportunity to face some high level competition and see if you measure up to some of our State's best baseball players.
  • Location: The Edge Academy, Warren Avenue, Portland, ME, USA

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