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HitTrax Lessons

Enhance Your Private Lessons

With HitTrax we are now able to incorporate more hard data with video analysis, and a virtual projection of hit in a cage! Each session has the ability to email or print the daily hitting log that was created by each swing the player took. We are now able to better analyze exit velocity, Launch Angle, Line Drive Percentage, and Hard Contact Average to list a few of the more important statistical attributes used to evaluate high level hitters.

Here is a list of the Private Lessons options we offer:

  • Baseline Assessment Report (BAR Report) - 30 Minutes - An efficient and comprehensive way to asses the current level of the player. Evaluating key metrics, this option is used to help identify Strengths and Weaknesses to formulate a game plan in future lessons, with or without HitTrax.

             One 30 minute report - $70

  • HitTrax Analytical Lesson With Video Analysis - One Hour - This is a one time lesson with a trained instructor which includes a video analysis and BAR report. 

             One 1-hour Lesson with BAR report and Video - $130

Lesson Packages

  • 6 Pack of half hour lessons - Includes 1 BAR report and Video Analysis. Half-hours can be stacked back to back for 3 one hour lessons.


  • 10 Pack of half hour lessons- Includes 2 BAR reports and 2 Video Analysis (on the first and last day of the packages). Half-hours can be stacked back to back for 5 one hour lessons.     


How To Book

If you are interested in any of the training or gaming sessions available through HitTrax please call The Edge at 207-536-0405 or email

Please indicate what program you would like to register for.

Due to limited availability, we STRONGLY suggest booking with the HitTrax system in advance.