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Rookie Skills

10/08/2018, 11:15am EDT
By rc

Class Schedule

1/7 - 5-6:00p

1/14 - 5-6:00p

1/21 - 5-6:00p

1/28 -5-6:00p


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The Edge Academy is pleased to announce the Rookie Skills Combo Class. This is a four (4) week class for January that will meet once a week on Monday nights from 5:00-600pm.

This class is intended for players 6-9 years old.

Each class players will be taught to develop the correct way to throw, hit and field. Young baseball players need to be coached the in the proper and safest way to develop as an athlete. Through progressive skills and drills, our staff will develop these positive habits in the young players. 

Cost for the Rookie Skills Combo Class is $125

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