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Stats Team Openings Are Available

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This page is created for all of the Maine Lightning parents who want to be involved with helping us score & keep stats for the games for the 2019 season.  Openings can be found below and all information related to scoring can be found there as well. 

2019 Maine Lightning Stats Team

Team Scorer 1 Scorer 2 Scorer 3
8U Blue
9U Blue Chris Collins
10U Blue Anne LeBel Matt Soule
10U Gold Crystal Perry Toby Reynolds
11U Blue Joe Porter
11U Gold Doug Cyr
12U Blue Chris Healey Shawn White
12U Gold Jamie Jensen
12U White Pat Foley Ethan Owens
13U Blue Chad Blanchette
13U Gold Jeff Burnham
13U White Erica Bly
14U Blue Tim Kopetski Ethan Owens
15U Blue Josh Thomas
15U Gold Glenn Picher Missy Brandt-Daigneault Don Hendrix
15U Showcase Tim Kopetski
15U White Reno Burnett
17U EBL Stan Cilley Cal Stilphen
17U Premier Thad Barber Corey Frink
17U Showcase Matt Rogers

Important Links / Info

2019 Maine Lightning Spring Season on GameChanger

Here is where all Maine Lightning teams are grouped together so parents can follow along on how the teams have done. Stats are also combined here.

GameChanger Help/Training Webpage

Here you can do a search for any topic you need help on learning more about

Mike Ames

Director of Technology

Phone: 207-272-6012